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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Catholic Labels

Mary Ann Hain via 
3rd July,  2013  4:13 AM

The hierarchy labels Catholics 
who have moved beyond the boundaries
of institutional religion in search of Spiritual growth
Fallen-away Catholics
as if not following the man-made rules and regulations
signifies a loss of faith.


I asked people for a more appropriate name for us;
Here are some of the responses:
Homeless Catholics, Nomad Catholics,
Catholic Alumni, Exodus Catholics, Liberated Catholics,
Adult Catholics, Non-Attending Catholics,
Un-fearful Catholics, Alienated Catholics
Non-bureaucratic Catholics, Inclusive Catholics
Catholics in Love, Catholics in Exile,
Recovering Catholics, Kinda Catholics,
Liberal Catholics, Raised Catholics, USTA B Catholics
Wandering Catholics, Roamin' Catholics
Disgruntled Catholics, Wayward Catholics
Activist Catholics, Gypsy Catholics
Agitator Catholics, Jesus Catholics
Non-bureaucratic Catholics, Un-hierarchied Catholics
Protesting Catholics, Re-Formed Catholics
Metanoiaed Catholics, Pray, Play, DisObey Catholics
Non-Babel Catholics, Catholics Living in the Real World
Post-medieval Catholics, Un-clericalized Catholics
Freed Catholics, New World Catholics, Rebel Catholics,
Disenfranchised Catholics, Home-Liturgy Catholics
True-Tradition Catholics, Non-Lay Catholics
De-Catechized Catholics, Open-Table Catholics
De-institutionalized Catholics,
De-programmed Catholics, De-culted Catholics
Ecumenical Catholics, catholic Catholics
Christian Catholics
Fundamental Catholics
(as opposed to Catholic fundamentalists)
Un-intimidated Catholics, Illuminated Catholics
Former Catholics, Universe Catholics
Refreshed Catholics, Progressive Catholics
Small-Faith-Group Catholics, Happy liberal Catholics
Discerning Catholics, Thinking Catholics
Emmaus Catholics, John XXIII Catholics
Global Catholics, Welcoming Catholics
Beatitude Catholics, Episcopalians
Call-To-Action Catholics, Pot Luck Catholics,
People of God,
Thinking Catholics, Catholics Conflicted
The Newly Marginalized Catholics
First-Century Catholics, Run-Away Catholics

Fallen Away? 

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