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Monday, February 21, 2011


The three regions in South Africa have four team leaders. The Cape - being the home of the largest number - have split responsibility for their members into two.

A draft Agenda for the proposed meetings of regional members is in the process of being debated and will be sent out shortly. When viewing this, please bear in mind that nothing is set in stone, outside of the vision and principles laid down in our Invitation letter.

We have not had any official response to our letter sent to the SACBC late last year.

It is clear to me personally that all those involved in moving this forward are bending over backwards to elicit responses as to what we should be saying and doing. We are endeavouring to be as inclusive and as accommodating within the boundaries mentioned in the second paragraph above.

Any comments, suggestions or ideas about anything proposed so far or for issues and concerns to be tackled in the future, are most welcome.

The following link is to Fr. Ronald Rolheiser's website - an article posted during 2009.  It is called 'Conservatives and Liberals' - We need both!
I think it has great value to us in the light of what we are trying to achieve.

Please feel free to post your comments here - anonymously if you so wish.


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