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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Quote from Article in Tablet on Women's Ordination in Catholic Church

Brian Robertson noted the following:

Read some very interesting articles in one of current Tablet's (7th May 2011), re what priests and bishops are saying: I liked what Bishop Buchel of St Gallen in Switzerland said and I quote:

'' The pressure on Bishops to discuss women's ordination is HUGE. We can no longer evade it. For a while we were told not to discuss the subject but that is exceedingly difficult in to-days society. We can no longer afford to do that. We must seek ways which lead to women's ordination and I can imagine that women deacons could be one such step.  The issue can not be solved immediately but will take perseverance".  Then, referring to Mary Magdalene he said: "It was she who gave the Apostles a 'shove' as it were" and he suggested that that it was because of her powers of perseverance and persuasion that the Resurrected Lord appeared to her first. "Woman’s input, dedication, commitment and perseverance in pastoral work in Switzerland today is incredible, and Teamwork is totally different if women are part of the team" he said.

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