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An Important Challenge From The German Church

This is from a blogspot which includes a recent article from unknown source. My source is Douglas Irvine who is a co-ordinator of WAACSA Gauteng.

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Cardinal Keith O'Brien admits misconduct and issues apology

5 March 2013

Cardinal Keith O'Brien has admitted that his sexual conduct has fallen below the standards "expected of me as a priest, archbishop and cardinal".

In a statement on Sunday he apologised to those he had offended and asked for forgiveness. He also apologised to the Scottish Catholic Church and the people of Scotland.

Who paid the bill for Mahony's cardinal hat?

Opinion by Thomas Doyle on 2nd March 2013

Way back in 2004, in the early days of the seemingly endless struggle for justice by the victims of several priests from Los Angeles, I had a conversation with one of the attorneys who represented several of these men and women. He said, "By the time this is over we are going to find out just how much Roger Mahony's cardinal hat is worth."
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The above is one of those articles that make me sick to the core of my being

  UK's top cardinal accused of 'inappropriate acts' by priests

Three priests and former priest report Cardinal Keith O'Brien to Vatican over claims stretching back 33 years

NYT update on battle between Cardinal Mahoney and Archbishop Gomez

22nd February 2013 

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Bankruptcy judge to hear victim test cases

22nd February 2013

United Nations finds fault with US handling of abusive clerics
20th February 2013

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Do Child Sex Abuse Coverups ‘Bend Your Nose Out of Joint’?

Seemingly no hope for an end:

Another National Catholic Reporter article revealing much more on the question of investigating abuse of minors in Australia.     Posted on 2oth December 2012



The call to the priesthood is a gift from God. It is rooted in baptism and is called forth and affirmed by the community because it is authentic and evident in the person as a charism. Catholic women who have discerned a call to the priesthood and have had that call affirmed by the community should be ordained in the Roman Catholic church. Barring women from ordination to the priesthood is an injustice that cannot be allowed to stand.  Click here to read more

This is the latest IMWAC Press Release issued in solidarity with Argentina's Priests who are calling for the punishment of all, including Catholic Bishops, who were complicite in the war of persecutions in that country.  Read the details

The future of the church: Discernment or intimidation?

Joan Chittister  |  Nov. 16, 2012
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Media reports shine light on emerging discussion of women deacons
Porsia Tunzi  |  Nov. 7, 2012

Prelates hope reform of the reform will fix flirtation with secularity

October 31st

Eugene Cullen Kennedy (born August 18, 1928) is an American psychologist,syndicated columnist, and a professor emeritus of Loyola University Chicago. He remained a professor of psychology at the university for several years. A laicizedCatholic priest and a long-time observer of the Roman Catholic Church. He has written over fifty books on psychology, religion, Catholic church, and psychology of religion and also published three novels, Father's Day (1981), Queen Bee(1982), and Fixes (1989). He wrote a column for the Religious News Service, distributed by the New York Times syndicate.

NCR Editorial: 'Intrinsically evil' canard is a deception

An excellent joint editorial which although born of the US elections gives much food for countering 'hierarchical thinking'!!  -- 30th October

Showing support for LCWR during these trying times

An update on LCWR in the NCR by Fr. Richard McBrien 

{© 2012 Richard P. McBrien. All rights reserved. Fr. McBrien is the Crowley-O'Brien Professor of Theology at the University of Notre Dame.}

29th October                                                                  Click here

C.S. Lewis 'couldn't touch anything without illuminating it'

Jonathan Luxmoore  |  Oct. 27, 2012

For the following alone the whole article was worth reading:

"Lewis himself would have agreed with Pope John XXIII at the start of Vatican II, that the deposit of faith is one thing, while its presentation is another. He showed how the form of presentation can be almost anything -- from science fiction to children's fables. But the core beliefs must always remain, no matter how things change. You can't throw the baby out with the bath water. If you get rid of the sense and meaning of the faith you'll have nothing to come back to. I think he and John XXIII would have been absolutely in agreement about this, and I think it explains why both popes have been so interested in him.

What passes for alleged collegiality in College of Bishops is no such thing

JAMES P MACKEY - October 23rd

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Michael Shackleton answering readers question about WAC or WAAC

The Southern Cross - October 22

Message from Women Spirit Ireland

The former President of Ireland, Mary McAleese, since her retirement as president, has earned a licentiate in canon law. The following article appeared in Saturday's Irish Times.

Mary McAleese has written a new book, shortly to be released "Quo Vadis" in which she critiques the Catholic Church's attitude toward such issues as women priests, and homosexuality.

A devout Catholic, her intention in the immediate future is to take the issue of church governance. Hers will be a formidable voice on these issues in the future.  Read More

Titled very cheekily 'Talking about talking about Church' 

Phyllis Zagano - October 10th

{She is senior research associate-in-residence at Hofstra University and author of several books in Catholic studies. Her most recent books are Women & Catholicism (Palgrave-Macmillan), Women in Ministry: Emerging Questions about the Diaconate (Paulist Press) and Women Deacons: Past, Present, Future (with Gary Macy and William T. Ditewig), (Paulist Press).}NCR 

She is writing in NCR on the Synod in Rome:

I think it was the late Jeane Kirkpatrick, a former UN ambassador and sharp-tongued conservative, who said it. True quote or not, the thought remains: "There's no shortage of people willing to spend a week in Paris talking about poverty."

Now 262 bishops and 94 hand-picked others are spending three weeks in Rome talking about evangelization.

Pasta, anyone?

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Our National Co-ordinator, Brian Robertson has highlighted the address by Archbishop Rowan Williams to the recent Synod of Bishops in Rome.

October 10th 
 The link to a source is here Click

On all of our Shoulders Distinctly Catholic

Michael Sean Winters  |  Oct. 10, 2012

Synod of Bishops 2012

On day two of synod, reminders of a steep climb

John L. Allen Jr.  |  Oct. 9, 2012 NCR Today

As the Synod of Bishops on the New Evangelization wraps up its second day of work, participants today got two fresh reminders of just how steep a hill they face -- one that speaks to a tough external climate for the church’s message, and the other reflecting divisions within the Catholic community itself.

Today, the Pew Forum released a new study showing that the number of Americans who have no religious affiliation is at an all-time high, including a full third of Americans under the age of 30. This cohort of “nones” is, in percentage terms, the most rapidly swelling movement on the American religious landscape.

A direct link to the latest press release from IMWAC on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the opening of Vatican II in 1962

   9th October                                                                Click here


A very interesting new website called "Authority in the Church" has put out a Declaration signed by Academic Sponsors  --  +/- October 6th

Desmond Fisher covered the Second Vatican Council for the London Catholic Herald, of which he was editor of from 1962 to 1966. He writes in the Irish Times about how little has changed since the end of the Council. 

October 6th                                                             Click here

Vatican II: Roman Catholic Church still deeply divided 50 years after historic reforms

Irish article giving a broad outline on what is happening now.

October 6th                                                             Click here

The link to article about 'Bishops Gone Wild' is below but I thought it interesting to give the reader an insight to the thoughts of others, and in particular of the man in the United States who sent this link to a member of IMWAC:

Message du : 06/10/2012 07:19
De : "George Bouchey " <>
A : Copie à :
Sujet : [IMWAC-english] Bishops Gone Wild

Included is one of the comments, which is an illuminating allegation. There can be little question that the bishops are almost untouchable. While the Australian case shows a bishop may not disagree in any manner, so far Finn’s crime and sin go officially unnoticed in Rome.
The reason for that is as important as it is to expose the bishops crimes and*indiscretions*. One way to express the reason is the saying that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The RCC is of course in the hands of an Absolute Authority reporting to no one in this world! With the exception that when the Courts catch them, they have to pay the penalty, albeit begrudgingly.

So, it would not be advisable to hold one*s breath waiting for a bishop to be removed, unless of course a blue tint does something good for one*s complexion. I am reminded that it has been credibly reported that Lennon in Cleveland OH has twice received that request from
emissaries from the Vatican, and has twice refused.

It continually occurs to me that waiting for the pope and the episcopacy to bring any measure of reform to the RCC is much like waiting for Godot, who of course is never coming!

Perhaps this is a repeat, but it is worth reading again, and you may not have seen the comment attached. The letter is well written and detailed, and I am certain that there is a Blessed Round File in which it will be placed. Many of us have asserted that something will be done by the episcopacy when pigs fly, and Tom Doyle has said it will happen when Snakes eat fruit salad.

pax – george
George Bouchey
Mount Laurel, NJ

To read the full article to which the above refers  Click Here

The Tablet feature article for 06.10.2012:

‘The biggest meeting in the history of the world’ Focus on Vatican II – an idea takes root  

Hilmar Pabel 

This autumn marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Second Vatican Council and this week a major series of articles celebrating and analysing its impact on the Catholic Church begins in The Tablet with a leading Catholic historian’s reflections of the winds of change blowing through Rome when bishops from 116 countries, more than the then United Nations membership, gathered for the opening of the council on 11 October 1962 

Catholic theologian preaches revolution to end church's 'authoritarian' rule

Hans Küng urges confrontation from the grassroots to unseat pope and force radical reform at Vatican

Kate Connolly in Tübingen   --  The Guardian, Friday 5 October 2012 

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German Catholics lose church rights for unpaid tax

Germany's Roman Catholics are to be denied the right to Holy Communion or religious burial if they stop paying a special church tax.

A German bishops' decree which has just come into force says anyone failing to pay the tax - an extra 8% of their income tax bill - will no longer be considered a Catholic.  

{There are 489 comments to this BBC News Editorial  - 24th September}    

 German bishops defend exclusion of Catholics who stop paying tax 

By Jonathan Luxmoore - Catholic News Service

WARSAW, Poland (CNS) -- The German bishops' conference defended a controversial decree that said Catholics who stop paying a church membership tax cannot receive sacraments.

"There must be consequences for people who distance themselves from the church by a public act," said Archbishop Robert Zollitsch of Freiburg, conference president, in defending the Sept. 20 decree.   Read More

German bishops get tough on Catholics who opt out of church tax

PARIS (Reuters)- Germany's Roman Catholic bishops have decreed that people who opt out of a "church tax" should not be given sacraments and religious burials, getting tougher on worshippers who choose not to pay Read More


  José Oscar Beozzo, Latin American Liberation  Theologian, gives his views for moving further along the road begun by Vatican II Council. Click Here

 NCR report on last interview of Cardinal Carlo Martini. Click here

The transcript of Cardinal Martini's last interview earlier this year in pdf document format. Click here
 If the pdf document does not open click at the bottom of your screen for the pdf tab


A first, and may God help us!

Kansas City Bishop Convicted of Shielding Pedophile Priest

Read More

NBC Philadelphia online report 

Eight new civil lawsuits claiming the Archdiocese of Philadelphia covered up child sex abuse allegations are being filed in Philadelphia.
Two alleged victims of priest sex abuse spoke at a news conference on Tuesday, about their experiences and why they decided not to conceal their identities in the civil lawsuits. Click here

 A report from the reconstituted Irish Chapter of WAC. If you are a member of facebook : Click here

Church removes priest for a second time

September 18, 2012|By John P. Martin, INQUIRER STAFF WRITER
The Archdiocese of Philadelphia on Monday said it had suspended a former Northeast Philadelphia pastor to investigate a new claim of child sexual abuse, four months after church officials publicly had cleared the priest of another misconduct allegation. Click  Here

by A.W. Richard Sipe

The provocative post-partum advice from Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini has provoked Dr Richard Sipe to propose some places in Catholic teaching where some reformation might begin in the realms of human sexuality. He cites suggestions which originated with Sr Margaret Farley rsm where the discussion on change needs to begin. Click Here

 The abuse case against  Fr Shawn Ratigan:  Read More

Judge dismisses lawsuit against Legionaries of Christ 

Sep. 13, 2012   By Jason Berry

A Rhode Island Superior Court judge has dismissed a lawsuit against the scandal-ridden Legionaries of Christ that had alleged the religious order defrauded a wealthy widow out of millions of dollars. Yet the judge’s 39-page ruling details dubious fundraising tactics of Legionaries priests and seemingly opens a door for appeal.  Read More


Vatican: we were wrong to link abuse and women’s ordination
6 September 2012

The Vatican made a mistake when it suggested that the ordination of women was as grave a crime as child abuse, the Church's senior investigator into clerical sex abuse has said
In an update to clerical disciplinary rules issued in 2010 the Vatican listed the ordination of women as one of "the most serious crimes", along with paedophilia.  Read More

Interview with Thomas con Mitschke-Collande on Church Reform 

{Author of: Is the Catholic Church going out of business? is the provocative title of a new book. The author is a former McKinsey consultant Thomas von Mitschke-Collande who has advised the German Bishops’ Conference, and several dioceses.}

The following interview may be of interest to at least some members of the Pray, Tell blog. The practices Mitschke-Collande cites seem to have some relation to official reforms of liturgical books for the Roman Rite in the present era.
Read More

There were many responses to the editorial {writing on the newly formed WAAC SA} on the Southern Cross blog which you can read here  tp://

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