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Friday, July 26, 2013

Reconstitution, Restitution and Revitalization

The following from IMWAC English List:


by Fr. Gerry Auger

The Church needs a Constitution 
To guarantee protection 
For every Catholic theologian 
Dreading incrimination 
For speaking with elucidation 
On matters of interpretation. 

The Office of Indoctrination 
Is threatening excommunication 
To people of articulation 
Without any preoccupation 
For increasing polarization 
Among Catholics of every nation. 

This causes much frustration 
Among prophets of liberation 
Who honor their true vocation 
With no intent of desecration 
Of what is good in our Tradition 
For Christians of every persuasion. 

With due respect for Institution 
I recommend modification 
Of rules in the interrogation 
Of any decent theologian 
Who has the inclination 
To valid speculation. 

I hope this kind suggestion 
Will win an approbation 
Without retaliation 
From those whose inclination 
Is rigid manipulation 
With extreme indignation! 

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