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2012 Worldwide but mainly Europe
Austria has launched its Vatican III project but this does not seem to have full support from all IMWAC European groups. This is, in the main, a relooking at and study of all major VII documents.
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Norway have spearheaded a Council 50 project (for the Dec 2015 Anniv. of close of VII). This has more general approval and the website is on a page of the main IMWAC website. http://www.council5
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IMWAC are finalising a press conference to be held when the Bishops Synod is on in Rome October 2012 - to get wider press cover. Norway favour highlighting the need for real episcopal collegiality!

(FHEDLES) France           
          * what was approved at the American catholic Council of Detroit and support these demands
           * the different manifestations within the Church claiming changes according to the spirit of  Vatican II
           * what is thought of in South America, Africa, Australia and Asia (if any information is  available)
            * mention the 2015 project (but fleshes out Norway's point about laity etc)\

Brazil concurs but asks for more "macro-social and historical context"!

France (nsae) goes to the heart of the matter and asks should we not be primarily concerned with Gospel values, caring for sick, physically and mentally challenged, in jail, immigrants i.e. working for love and justice? IOW we must show the face of Christianity and proclaim with our deeds. Are we convincing our youth that a reformed church is the answer? We need a renewed solidarity between all human beings if the reform of the institution is not to be a dream.\

Brendan Butler Ireland: Bases his points on the fact that our God's chief trait is a passion for justice. Our primary work is to reform the unjust structural injustices within  our church before we dare demand justice in the wider society.
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Christian Weisner – Media Contact for IMWAC  and Representative for Germany says after the "Katholikentag2 (Austrian project) there is an intense discussion about the Pfarrer-Initiative and about a new approach for divorced-remarried couple that needs all my/our strength at the moment.  He advises that about 200 ordained in Freiburg diocese have dialogue with the Pfarrer-Initiative. These priests and deacons are not in solidarity with all issues of the Austrian Pfarrer-initiative but for Germany this is a first and very important step. Actually in 1993 the predecessor of Archbishop Zollitsch (then head of German Bishops' Conf) together with two other German Bishops started a similar initiative - but was harshly stopped by the former head of the CDF, Cardinal Ratzinger!
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 Is the Phrase 'We Are Church' Biblical? - DavidLGray.INFO (David L ...
Altogether the popular phrase 'We are Church' has no place in Christianity; simply because ...
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 Austrian dissident group rips new CDF prefect [published in Catholic Culture]
Archbishop Gerhard Müller is a “hardliner” who has called “reform groups parasitic,” We Are Church said in a statement. The organization faulted the prelate ... 
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Text in Spanish from Jesuit Theologian but very little translated into English [José Ignacio González Faus wrote 25 years ago]. A reflection on Vatican II - thus the above heading.
He begins: "Do not be afraid of the title: this is just what Vatican II Council said: the true Church “subsists” in the Catholic Church bit it does not identify with it (LG, 8). Precisely and meaningfully, those who do not accept Vatican II try to dismantle that teaching with more energy with respect to other aspects of the Council."
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               An interesting point was raised by the very vocal French representative of one  the two groups in France, about making a concerted effort to dialogue with other countries such as India. He gave his personal experience when visiting Kerala. One of the movers-and-shakers who help bring IMWAC to birth responded and I found her comments very interesting. She mentions that IMWAC has made a concerted effort and did for e.g. have good contact with Tissa Balasuriya at the critical time. She also describes the movement as a typical European (or Caucasian) phenomenon which explains the American involvement.
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There was another discussion started by Brazil (and in Spanish) but the responsewas in English so I could grasp that they were talking about small communities 'incarnating' church in the world so in that way change the face of the institution. I responded with the example of Augustine Shutte's advice to us to 'just be the church in small groups together that we would like so see church being'. I think it was well received.

Elfriede's bottom line response to me:  "it is important to inform one another and PUBLICLY VOICE OUR OPINION about these changes. It will give visibility to an emerging phenomenon taking place spontaneously and in innovative ways on a global level."
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Finally, there is the story of the Peruvian University that has been targeted by people in high places!  There was a brief report in the Southern Cross but the following link will take you to a far broader look at the whole issue.
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IMWAC Press Release in solidarity with LCWR in the States

Latest IMWAC Press Release on the appointment of new head of CDF published on 27th July
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Peruvian update on University issue

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