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Monday, March 7, 2011

Further reading to ignite COMMITMENT!!

Brian Robertson suggested the following three articles:

“To fight against paedophilia, abolish the celibacy of priests” (Reported in Le Monde 04.03.2010: 

This is a link to a scanned version:  English Version of Kung's Open Letter

The Irish Times article {16.04.2010} “Church in worst credibility crises since the Reformation” {directly challenging Pope Benedict XVI}.
This was a PDF file in its original format and a poor transcript to begin with – still worth the effort – especially Kung’s six proposals to our Bishops in this ‘open letter’ to them.

Click to access: Kung's open letter

Article by Catherine Kaveny in Commonweal – Long Goodbye – Why some devout Catholics are leaving the Church.  Published 18th October 2010. 

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