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Conclave 2013


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Because of the fact that whichever way one looks at this run up to the election of a Pope, and some reports may become somewhat mundane, those reputable journalists will still be published here. We cannot minimize the fact that the future Pope must be something of a Giant of a Man to cope with all that he is to inherit. So it is of critical interest - even the rumours and conjectures - to all concerned Catholics.

 Archbishop John Quinn calls for papal reforms

Thomas C. Fox  |  Mar. 10, 2013

STANFORD, Calif. -- With the world’s cardinals set to choose a new pope, Emeritus Archbishop of San Francisco John R. Quinn Saturday called for major church governance reforms, including changes in the papacy itself.

Note that the link below is the full talk given at Stanford University. 

Governance in the Legacy of Vatican Council II

By Emeritus Archbishop John R. Quinn  |  Mar. 11, 2013

The eyes of the world are focused on Rome.  The big question is who will be the next Pope.  As they approach the election, reports indicate that the Cardinals are deeply concerned about scandals in the Church.  But they are also concerned about two other things:  about papal government and about reform.

{and note the quote with which Quinn ends this.}

 Latest News from The Tablet

Conclave set to begin on Tuesday could be a lengthy one

Robert Mickens in Rome - 8 March 2013

The conclave to elect a successor to Pope Benedict XVI has been set to begin next Tuesday, 12 March. Most observers believe the lack of strong leading candidates suggests the process is likely to take longer than just two days, as happened in 2005 at the last papal election.

Vote for new pope set for Tuesday, no clear consensus

By Josh McElwee
8th March 2013

ROME -- The cardinals of the Roman Catholic church will begin voting for the new leader of the world's 1.2 billion Catholics Tuesday, the Vatican has announced.

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For Immediate Release from Call to Action
Media Contact:
David J. Nolan

8 March 2013

Catholics Call on the Next Pope to Listen a Little and Learn a Lot

Speaking at a press conference this morning, Magdalena Lopez, director of the international program at Catholics for Choice, spoke about the challenges and opportunities for the next pope, and the hopes of Catholics for our church. She was speaking on the eve of the Vatican Conclave at an event organized by Catholic Organizations for Renewal (COR), a coalition representing progressive Catholics.
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 A Dolan boost, the SNAP effect, and Vatileaks

By John L. Allen Jr. on 7th March 2013

While we wait for a date for the conclave, there are three fresh developments in the pre-conclave drama worth bringing up to speed.

US prelates' silence shifts cardinals' focus to finance, national disputes

Joshua J. McElwee  |  Mar. 7, 2013 NCR


Impose silence, and a press secretary gets more questions he'd rather not have been asked.

U.S. Catholics in Poll See a Church Out of Touch

6th March 2013

A New York Times report which should be read by all. This gives an indication of what Western Catholics are thinking

A brief 'Prague Spring' at the North American College

By John L. Allen Jr. 
In the wake of today's news that the Americans will no longer be doing daily press briefings in the run-up to the conclave, apparently after cardinals in the General Congregation meeting this morning expressed concern about leaks in the Italian papers, there are all sorts of good questions one might ask. Three, however, seem the most immediately intriguing.

Vatican could learn a thing or two about renewal from women religious

by Joan Chittister
published on 6th March 2012 in the NCR

It is a voice speaking from vast experience about the message of Vatican II and how the religious sisters - probably worldwide - coped with the challenges to reform.
She obviously speaks from her experience with the Benedictine Sisters of Eire.

All Catholics should Read the article

The following is an article sent to me by one of our member/friends. I have check the source and cannot fault the integrity. It is a factually unbiased and objective opinion of the state of the institution today.

The Catholic Church’s Lost Hope

3rd March 2012

[from an  Online Investigative Journalist site.]


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