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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Letter to SACBC

All the Bishops in Southern Africa should have received by now, a copy of our latest letter:

21 November 2011
The Archbishops and Bishops
Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference
399 Kanya House
Paul Kruger Street
P O Box 941
Pretoria 0001
Dear Archbishops and Bishops
Further to our letter of 18 November 2010, we wish to communicate to you that we have now defined our particular mission in Southern Africa (see attached Mission Statement), and changed our name to “We Are All Church” (WAACSA). We believe that our mission accords with the spirit of the Second Vatican Council, and we hope to be recognized as a group of Catholics in good standing who wish to promote the implementation and furthering of the renewal of the Church that was begun there fifty years ago.
We are convinced that, without significant renewal and metanoia, a serious rift in the Church is inevitable. We therefore stand for dialogue and openness to new ideas and challenges, and a more loving and inclusive approach within the Church.
We look forward to entering into dialogue with you in this time of kairos
Yours sincerely in Christ
Brian and Francoise Robertson - National Coordinators
Douglas Irvine, Peter Sadie, Rosemary Gravenor, Janet Perrott, Miranda Forshaw – Regional Coordinators

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